I suppose that you are here because, like most people, you want to know if there is a secret to simply living a happier life?  

A quick Google search for happiness returns both an eye watering and frown forming 674,000,000 results! And a search on Amazon on happiness returns a similar number. So, it appears that happiness is as elusive as a British male Wimbledon Champion!

Welcome! I’m Sarah Duff, trained and accredited Leadership, Emotional Wellness, and Performance Coach. Founder of LiveHappy™ 6 Simple Steps to a Happier You.

Without sounding twee, my purpose is simple, to inspire you to live a happy life.

I know that through my own journey of radical transformation, that I can help you to move away from constant naval gazing and into your own truth.

Sarah has significantly helped me to let go of my fears. I feel strengthened, if not fortified on a deeper level following our sessions. I am more able to face work, life and stressful situations. I look forward to my journey to love myself more. through Yoga and Sarah’s Coaching.

Kerry Lawton, NHS Advanced Clinical Pharmacist. Warrington.

“Thank you for the Resilience Training Sarah. It was really well received. Staff really appreciated the sentiment of spending time thinking about themselves. It was very inclusive and was exactly what I was looking for as a foundation to build on. As I mentioned briefly, it is something I would like to see developed further so I will be in touch. Thanks again.”

 Ross Prior, Deputy Head Teacher. Woodlea Junior School Leyland.         

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