I suppose that you are here because, like most people, you want to know if there is a secret to simply living a happier life?  

A quick Google search for happiness returns both an eye watering and frown forming 674,000,000 results! And a search on Amazon on happiness returns a similar number. So, it appears that happiness is as elusive as a British male Wimbledon Champion!

Welcome! I’m Sarah Duff, trained and accredited Leadership, Emotional Wellness, and Performance Coach. Founder of LiveHappy™ 6 Simple Steps to a Happier You.

Without sounding twee, my purpose is simple, to inspire you to live a happy life.

I know that through my own journey of radical transformation, that I can help you to move away from constant naval gazing and into your own truth.

Sarah has significantly helped me to let go of my fears. I feel strengthened, if not fortified on a deeper level following our sessions. I am more able to face work, life and stressful situations. I look forward to my journey to love myself more. through Yoga and Sarah’s Coaching.

Kerry Lawton, NHS Advanced Clinical Pharmacist. Warrington.

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