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Are you lost in the world like me?  Good question.

So what.

Why waste anymore precious time on yet another unwanted so called informative Blog post. Another load of dribble trying to permeate the mind, trying to get your email subscription, buy an online course, get this, that or the other which you are not remotely interested in whatsoever?  One-Click-and boom, it vanishes, into the spam folder vortex of junk.  Would you prefer an authentic read to digest, something to stimulate the senses and capture the imagination over a coffee? Minus gimmicks?

Me too.

I do not want to be fixed, or rescued. I am not broken or desire advice or others projections! I am perfectly whole as I am. There is no such thing as good advice either!  Of course, having worked as school teacher and mentor for over twenty years, I am well aware of the astute English language structure and of its enticing benefits.
Over the years I have helped many carefully utilise alliteration, metaphors, quirky opening statements, snappy slogans, and other such language skill sets to engage and excite a reader and make that transaction!
However, do you feel drained and completely bored with tyranny of it all? For me, it’s like walking down the high street and noticing 10 Starbucks coffee shops, one after another, after another. Offering no authenticity, uniqueness, individuality, humour, inspiration; just a flatter than flat, flat as a pancake flat, boring white.

Why is this so?

We are conditioned and brain washed to vote with mind. Live in the mind, talk and believe everything the mind has taught so far. Well, why not? It has been a safe, reliable friend for so long.  Still, are you a feeling lost in the world?

Moby & Void Specific Choir-Are You Lost in The World Like Me?

Let’s be clear it is not your fault. We are programmed by society to feel this way.  The more you have the more you fear losing it, a drain to anyone’s soul!  This read is an invitation to come out of the head and into the heart space of feeling.  An invitation to allow the intelligence of the heart to guide you, which in fact it can, if you ponder over the research carried out at Heart Math:

The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence

Do you desire to live peacefully, and treat yourself gently?  Are you willing to allow life to flow through you each day, employing mindful and conscious choices? Most people walk around all day completely unconscious of their choices, or are aware of cause and reaction or wonder why things keep showing up for them?  Our lives are complex, busy and stressful, with too many things to do, too many conflicting responsibilities, too many possessions and too little time. This can leave us feeling overwhelmed, disconnected and burnt out. Our consumerist society encourages a mindset of wanting more and wanting things quickly.

Practices such as Meditation or Mindfulness (as known in the Western society today) have been developed over centuries to support us in opening to the beauty and discernment of a simpler life.  They can transform our own lives and the world.  Developing patient, loving awareness can help you slow down and open to the pleasure of being present with yourself and with life. It helps cultivate gratitude and appreciation for where you are and what you have.​  This is not about self denial but instead a fuller experience of what we already have.

In embracing simplicity, we have the potential to make our lives richer, more beautiful and to focus on what really matters.  Simplicity is not about giving up the positive benefits of modern life, but rather making more careful choices about our lifestyles and actions.  These effects have a positive impact on the environment, helping us to tread more lightly on the earth.  To really embrace simplicity, we need to be sensitive to our inner world, to meet any feelings or emotions with kindness, understanding and courage.  Do you choose to embrace simplicity through each encounter and feel more alive, more in touch with what matters and more truly able to live in harmony with ourselves, and others both near and far, and with the earth itself? Or do you choose to over indulge in wheat, sugar, alcohol, nicotine or drugs or other distractive devices to push down your inner world of fear and confusion, and as a substitute for love?

So what?  This is ok too.​

If my words resonate with you, on what my expressions on how this thing called life really works. Ask yourself, how deeply do you connect to others without judgments?

Essentially, i feel that humans experience parallel emotions, and share traumatic life experiences that impact on our families, societies and community etc. We experience this same aliveness and should value each other far more than we do.

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired of dis-connection from others? Would you like to drop your mask? Are you courageous enough to expose your beautiful vulnerability? Do you have the resolve to explore your lurking shadow story? Are you willing to start listening the intelligence of your heart and gut brain, and become so fully present with the whole of you’re being so that this thing called life starts to become peaceful, joyful and simpler for you? Even in the darker moments?

People often make the mistake of burying their unresolved childhood memories under the carpet of compassion, even if your parent(s) did their best. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have a right to your own healing journey. We break the cycle once we turn our compassionate eye internally, nurturing our own inner wounds as best we can.

We could to be more sensitive to our inner world, to meet any feelings or emotions with kindness, understanding and courage. Thankfully, Meditation practice taught me how to transform the mind with satisfying reflection, with the ability to listen to my heart and gut brain, allowing me to naturally shift towards contentment, connection and beautiful simplicity.
It is important to understand that we are human beings, not human doings-human bio-mechanisms with more bacteria cells than human cells. We are alive. Yet, we have learnt to suppress our ‘bad’ emotions such as anger, sadness or grief because we feel uncomfortable or ashamed about them, which keeps us from missing out on the deep richness of our lives. The aliveness of it.

Sadly, Islam has been once again in the media; blamed for the recent acts of terror in Manchester and our capital city of late.  However, the true message of any faith; be it Christianity, Islam, or Buddhism etc., is about compassion, peace and love. Therefore, an act of terror cannot validate a true definition of one’s faith. How can it? If only love is real, why do we need the police and soldiers? Is war love? Is murder love? Is rape love?

The prayer of Saint Francis says it all:

“Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace.

Where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is injury, pardon; where there is doubt, faith; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; where there is sadness, joy.

O, Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; to be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love; For it is in giving that we receive; it is in pardoning that we are pardoned; it is in dying that we are born again to eternal life.”.

My heart, gut and head brain feels this.

Is it necessary to participate in this collective frantic fear? Feeling our own natural fears as they arise through living, is beautifully scary enough and takes enormous amounts of courage.

Fundamentally, at the deepest level, it is natural, authentic state of being, present and powerful in every moment by moment which is truth, as we learn to relax more. This is my truth. However, this is only my interpretation, rather than the objective truth, please remain aware.

Oh what a magical gift to be able to alter our perceptions of life and subsequently our approach to each day as we jump out of bed and breathe, yes breathe. There are so many people who sadly experience breathing difficulties, and need special equipment, or those who don’t make it through the night as their last breath is stolen, just like my dear Mother.

Oh the joys of the breath! Oh the simplicity of life!

Have you ever woken up in the morning and simply thanked your breath for just breathing life into you?

Even whilst you slept soundly?

Do you still feel, ‘So what?’


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