Secrets For Happy Love Making

“There’s nothing wrong with enjoying looking at the surface of the ocean itself, except that when you finally see what goes on underwater, you realise that you’ve been missing the whole point of the ocean. Staying on the surface all the time is like going to the circus and staring at the outside of the tent.”                                                                                      Dave Barry

You are pure aliveness.  Are you in tune with your cosmic pulse?

Relationships are not just about having great sex.  Unfortunately, a lot of the hype these days is about having orgasms and gymnastic sex, about sex techniques, and whatever enhances performance.  Sex is no glue to hold a relationship together.  At some stage or other the little jackals appear, and the little jackals tend to grow into big ones, which eventually bloody bite.

Most people (because of conditioned thinking) have little understanding of sexual energy in itself.  The sexual energy, as all energy, does not need to manifest itself in PHYSICAL form.  It is pure ENERGY.  Thus it vibrates, and has frequency and it can be used, like all forms of energy, for the greater good of all, for self-satisfaction, creativity and self-service – or for destructive purposes.

So let us now just for one moment return to energy itself: Sorry for kicking back a gear into teacher mode again, force of habit I’m afraid but…

The sexual energy at its very core, is pure aliveness and is the life-force energy itself.  It is a very beautiful and profound energy, which is meant to be used creatively and with immense love. The Male and Female divine parts.  This is crucial to understand.  If male and female just merge for the sake of play, and there is no understanding of the sexual energy, then this energy mostly is used for self-gratification.  (WHAT CAN I GET OUT OF THIS?)  It comes back to having the gymnastics for the sake of getting a kick out of the experience which can become like being addicted to that certain physical feeling that one gets and one wants more of.

Modern society worships youth and its bodily form, without understanding that without maturity at a deeper level, the physical form is but a vessel and an empty one at that.  You have not got the wisdom and the insights when you are a teenager.  That is a fact.  You grow into wisdom and maturity, as you evolve and grow with experiences.  The rest is but a futile attempt to find happiness, that might give you a lot of physical sensations, but leaves you empty inside.  There is no lonelier place to be, than lying next to someone in bed, and feeling the Arabian Gulf.

So what is missing?

Immense and utter LOVE & TRUST.

True awakening of the sexual energy, comes with the true understanding of the energy forms and the way it manifests in our lives.  It is not the complete form of the sexual energy, it is one of those life streams, but not all of it.  If however, you have a deep love for your self, and a deep respect for all of life, you will understand the sacredness of embodiment in form. You will know your inner sanctuaries, that most beautiful and profound powerhouse within you, and as a woman, your sexual organs and pelvic bowl, they are a profound energy sanctuary that you should honour and care for.

Just like would not just let anyone trample all over your house with muddy boots on.  Nor would you allow just anyone into your inner sanctuaries or share your beautiful womanhood.  It is such a shame as some women’s whole sexual area is one single scrambled mess of negative cords and attachments etc.

The more aware you become of the sexual energy, and more you start to become aware of this, the more you will start understanding, that the sexual energy itself is profound, and it is exquisitely beautiful.  The more you start nurturing this flame from deep inside your own soul, the more you start to understand just how profoundly exquisite this is.

There is another something though.  If you wish to reconnect with your sexual energy, first of all open your heart.  Open your heart to love and allow love to flow into every single part and particle of your own body.  Love yourself in totality in all that you are.  Become love in action.  Become the person that you would love to love and have an intimate relationship with.  Love yourself past all the hang-ups, the fears, and stop beating yourself up. Rome was not built in a day.

How open is your heart?  How would you love to be loved, and whom would you love to invite into those inner sanctuary of your innermost parts, and how would you love to be received?  Would that be with utter trust and with so much love, that all of you opens up to be let lose in the depth of your love, and in all of your being and soul?

When the act of sex, becomes an act of love and deep trust, it goes beyond the mundane, into the realms the Gods/Goddesses, the epitome of creation itself.

My research and insights, come from many direct experiences and sources for my second book; from participating in Tantra Retreats and Soul Level Workshop Training in Europe, India, Thailand, U.K., and South America via deep heart to heart circle gatherings with other women and connection with men.  What is evident is that we all share similar experiences. We all suffer, often in silence, too afraid to share our innermost sacredness out of fear. As we have been conditioned to do so by our ancestors.

Why not reclaim our divinity, our creative power for the good of humanity?

Happy Love Making.


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