Facts Of The Heart

“The first organ to form in the womb is the heart.”
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So what exactly are the Chakras and why did a 40+ schoolteacher from the north of England begin to shift her logical brain and start to embrace them and in the process radically improve every aspect of her life?

Please let me return to being a teacher for a moment and present a short history lesson.

According to many traditional cultures, we have seven spinning wheels of energy running up and down the body from the base of the spine to the neck.  These centres correspond to ‘energy’ centres of the main organs of the body.

The ancient Polynesians call this energy ‘Mana’ while Indian and Tibetan cultures call it ‘Prana.’ The Iroquis of North America call it ‘Orendam’ and the Chinese and Japanese call this energy Chi or KI.

Western medicine usually calls it nonsense.

OK, lesson over, I hope you were paying attention as there is a test at the end!

So how about you?  Do you need to believe in the Chakra system?

This is how I see it…

Western medicine (and culture) is usually pre-occupied with the brain, with thoughts, goals, plans and action.   And it is here in the west that heart disease is out of control.

Jaw dropping levels of stress and depression in the west are also fueling massive profits for drug companies.

A traditional doctor can operate on the physical heart? But what about the esoteric heart that cannot be seen but from which sickness can manifest from the subconscious level due to stress, anxiety depression etc. along with all the other baggage that accompanies our ‘more more more’ western lifestyle?

Does more thinking help us to overcome these problems?

Like heartache from missing a loved one?

Could we actually be thinking too much and feeling too little?

If we listen to Yoga teachers or reiki healers who live from the heart we can learn that these energy centres can either be balanced as well as under or over balanced.

If we are simply able to be in tune with our bodies and read the signs that show up every day in our lives, we can master and selfheal ourselves.

It can be so simple to get in touch with this life energy.  Keep reading and I will explain.

Just the other day I was in the Travel Agents chatting to a lovely woman clerk who was complaining of a sore throat and was obviously irritable from lack of sleep.

After a short conversation, I asked her if she any trouble communicating her views, verbally to any close family or friends?  Of course she did! (Don’t we all!)

She was experiencing a real drama between her son and his ex-girlfriend and their young toddler which was really affecting her emotionally as she didn’t want to upset them by simply saying out loud what she needed to say.

I told her to speak from the heart exactly what she felt, that she would feel much better expressing her views, then her energy centre (in this case the throat chakra,) would then start to heal itself. Otherwise, if she didn’t speak up, her manifested symptoms would persist and eventually become worse, possible developing to a throat infection or even tonsillitis.

I could immediately see and feel from how her body language changed as she sat across the desk from me and how her gaze softened and that she had ‘felt’ with her heart what I had suggested.

She had begun the process of healing there and then and this was without actually sitting her son and his ex-girlfriend down and speaking with them!

It’s clear that feelings and the heart are very powerful.

We use terms such as – she has a big heart or a soft heart or that we have had a change of heart.  And when was the last time you told anyone that you love them with all of your brain!?

As I moved away from living in my own brain and towards living in my heart, magic started to happen.  My health dramatically improved.   My weight stabilised without any crazy western diet plan.  My levels of creativity soared and I have boundless energy and absolutely love my life.

How do you feel Right Now while you read this, what emotions and thoughts are coming up?  Read a little more about the symptoms of blocked energy in the body.   This is how many Eastern doctors see the patient

1st Chakra (Root) – Do you feel grounded? Are you physically healthy?

2nd Chakra (Sacral) – Do you have abundance in your life? Are you an emotionally balanced person? Are you comfortable expressing yourself sexually?

3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus) – Do you have a high degree of self-esteem? Are you confident?

4th Chakra (Heart) – Do you have love in your life (friends, family or significant other)? Are you emotionally connected to others, and/or have a strong social network?

5th Chakra (Throat) – Do you communicate your thoughts to others well? Do people consider you articulate?

6th Chakra (Third Eye) – Do you intuitively just “know” certain things, without being taught beforehand? Are you wise? A deep thinker? Do you have a well-developed “mind’s eye”?

7th Chakra (Crown) – Do you understand your spiritual connection to all that exists? Are you able to recognize your inner and outer beauty?

Did you answer “no” too many of the questions? It’s ok if you did, most adults today living in a head driven western culture have at least few (if not all) blocked chakras!  Here is a simple method that is free and has been used for centuries to promote better health:  Meditation.  We will dive deeper into this topic but until then if you are still not feeling this concept of energy and living a heart led life try this –

Imagine you are introducing yourself to a deaf person… where do you place your hands when you mouth the words ‘my name is’  Did you place them on your head, or over your heart?

“When you reach the end of what you should know, you will be at the beginning of what you should feel.”   Kahil Kibran




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