Self Cervix

Did you know that your cervix is a gateway for profound, pleasure states?

The cervix is usually medicalised, poked and prodded or associated with birth.

In actual fact, the cervix is beautiful part of our sexual anatomy.
But no one talks about it like this.

The cervix is highly innervated. It is supposed to feel pleasure! And yet for many women it is numb or painful to touch. Why? Mainly due to premature penetration, invasive medical procedures or disassociation caused by shame or abuse.

The global online project, the Beautiful Cervix Project they discovered that not only is it possible to recover sensation and heal the cervix but it’s also possible to trigger the most transcendent orgasms possible.

The cervix is attached to the 10th cranial nerve; the Vagus nerve. The vagus goes directly to the pineal gland, bypassing the spine. Within the orgasmic state participants can experience the release of DMT – the active ingredient found in plant medicine such as Ayahuasca.
Cervical orgasm can be profound and life changing.
Also, cervical stimulation without orgasm can positively affect a woman’s energy levels, creativity and sense of confidence.

When a woman begins to pay attention to her cervix, the way she makes love to herself and others begins to change. The process creates new sensitivity and awareness in the area. This new connection forges new pleasure pathways or strengthens what she already knows. Her concept of orgasm begins to change and expand. She begins to take charge of how she’s entered and by whom because she learns the impact of crossing her own boundaries; it shows up in her cervix and vagina as tension, pain or numbness.

Do you long to feel more during love-making?
Do you experience pain or tension vaginally from friction sex?
Do you want to expand orgasmic potential?
Do you want to open to new pathways to pleasure?
Do you want to feel more confident asking for your needs to be met?

After a deeper understanding of life that unfolded for me a few years ago, I found out what’s possible when you are safe to let down your guard completely and love the self in totality.

When women come to understand their mechanics (forgive my pun!)  Connection and transformation takes place beyond words.

Juicy love.




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