The Rock-Star, Guru Healer

Beloved sisters are you honouring your sacred sanctuary? Your church? Your beautiful yoni? Your flower? Your unique essence?

Yes, we are inter connected by our sameness but also very separate, housed in single and complete gorgeousness vessels, and with very different conditioning, patterns, projections and stories.

But, do not be foolish into your sharing your most holy sanctuary with another in terms of trauma healing, for kundalini or for enlightenment. Stay safe, even with a teacher or elder. You are most vulnerable and beautiful and should respect, honour and value your holiness in sharing/ talking to anyone. To be safe, share with a female elder, often called ‘Shakti’ and take a trusted friend with you for support. Do not be drawn into the rock-star, guru healer.

Whilst I was travelling a few years ago, I heard about teachers who had taken advantage of their hypnotised students. I met many in the Yoga Community who seemed to dis-regard this? In fact, this startled me, as it appeared normal, all in the name of healing?
However, when you are immersed in this energy field and living in a completely different environment in which you are used too. This can and does happen.

I have spent over a decade as a school teacher working with the emotionally vulnerable.  I speak with sincerity.  If you chose to go travelling to explore yoga, then seek out a reputable yoga school.  Please check out their credentials and seek out confirmation by word of mouth. Make sure that you are protecting yourself from any gross misconduct. It is fundamental for inner growth to explore yoga properly, more so if it is your first time. Yoga itself, is very revealing and will throw up all sorts of inner stuff. Trust me, when i completed my TTC in Rishikesh in India, initially, I was a right mess and extremely open and vulnerable. It did not know of it’s magic and power. I witnessed our teacher getting his toe nails clipped in front of everyone, that was outrageous enough!

Remain cautious:

Do the teachers at the school have a CRB check? Is their work monitored? By whom? Are your needs as a student, and as a sacred flower held securely for growth?
I know from experience that trauma, often held and stored in the womb, comes up a lot for women in these environments. We are the power houses over the masculine because we have the life force within our wombs. We need to be treated sensitively and without illusion. There are enough illusions, created by the illusionists to keep the illusionary in a state of illusion!

Please stay centred.  Do not fall into a false delusional world of shallow physical feelings for strangers, for the sake of healing? Who is healing who exactly? The ego manipulator at getting the desires filled?  Do you know if your connection has any STI that you know about? As a woman, type 2 herpes can damage your chances of fertility. Think of the consequences if this is not your beloved because you need to understand that because you are affecting your future not healing it.  Nor as a woman will you be going into your own power by taking this way for healing.  It’s so so immoral and it will only end bad for both of you.  You need to know this.   I hear it so much and the men that then say, ‘Oh I needed to heal her.’  Fair enough when there isn’t another soul involved, but be careful that you aren’t being manipulated. Healing her and destroying her? Were is the exchange in that?

If you are an aware person, who is working on the inner clearing work, you naturally are aware of how important it is to keep your energy fields clean.

Deeply love yourself, and respect all of life and most of all, respect and love your own physical, emotional and mental state.  This is crucial to understand. If male and female just merge for the sake of play, and there is no understanding of the sexual energy; the energy is used for self-gratification purposes only.

However, the sacred union between 2 souls, is a deep and profound, an honouring of the other and in perfect DEEP TRUST.
In essence, it is the act of Creation itself. It brings a type of beautiful energy between the 2, that forms a deeper and more profound bond of love, for it is done with immense love and with the heart wide open.

I would not solely ask the question, ‘Who am I?’ But would also contemplate, “Do I love myself?” Do I understand fully the consequences of ‘plugging in’ with another for play or healing?  Although, I am not condoning a yoni massage, as I have experienced a beautiful therapeutic massage myself, and by a highly trusted and recommended other. I was fortunate. Some are not. Human touch and intentions are very powerful.

Beautiful Goddesses’ we have experienced enough pain and we should support the masculine fully, to personify into the reality of conscious loving relationships. We need to help them by embodying in totality, our self respect for our most holy sanctuary between our divine hips with full awareness. Just thinking about the implications of the various manifestations after DNA, and cellular energy exchange, makes me shudder.  Do you really want to absorb the energy of the other on so many levels? Do you have a choice?  Does the intelligence of your heart, head and gut brain give you permission to tell someone to, ‘fuck off,’ if necessary?

I have a very beautiful 22 year old daughter, some of you reading this may be of a similar age, and are thinking of going travelling and seeking out the yogic lifestyle too, just like I did.
Please remember, be clear about the rock-star, guru healer.

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