Self-Loving Action is The Work

To cultivate self-loving action is certainly a challenge on every level, seemingly more so whilst, ‘Awake.’

So tell me more Mooji Baba, explain to me some more Adyashanti and show me Abraham, how to express myself fully, wide open, from this place utilising these mystical teachings you share?  Any spiritual seeker knows that behind the body, behind the drama, behind the emotion, the feelings, the heart, the anchor; we are all one universal body of I Am presence.

Yet, how does one put this fully into practice and embrace this sentiment and live out a life of true compassion, from the heart, on a day to day basis and in every ground hog day moment on this earth?

How does one cope when ones’ own elderly physically and mentally ill Mother is cracking open a can of beer at 7am in the morning to level herself out? Loaded with anti psychotics, pain killers and a prescribed concoction of other medical drugs?

True behind the mask, the beautiful, almighty silence of awareness prevails.  Not wanting to refer to this as consciousness because minus the ‘ness’ it s not a noun therefore, it cannot be made. Other wise, referred to as simply aliveness, which I prefer.

Why? Think of pasta or clay, both have a common essence and the duality is real but what we don’t know is the essence by which it is all known.

From direct experience through spending time in the Ashrams in the East, a common phrase shared is, ‘Tat tvam asi,’ essentially meaning, I am that essence, you are that essence, that alone exists…But what is that essence?

It appears that we go around in circles in the West, the term consciousness doesn’t seem to appear in history? It is an abstract noun which we try to explore and refers to the fact that we are aware, that we are experiencing and dancing in the matrix of life.  I often ponder, what then is a thought made of? Matter? Mind stuff? Chitta? An activity of awareness? Are even then, sensations an appearance of the mind?

‘All in the mind,’ was a common figure of speech in the 1960’s, and I should know because my lovely Mother Doris would repeat this mantra when I pleaded a sickness bug as a child to skip school. I loved to stay at home with her and have her attention all to myself.   My brothers and sisters would be in school, and we’d chill together watching The Sullivan’s on TV whilst munching on cheese and onions pasties with heaping’s on brown sauce on! Delightful memories.

However, try telling that to a mental health patient.  To them, disturbing mind stuff phenomena is real. I feel that a psychiatrist keeps people asleep, treats them for waking up and drugs them asleep again…. Helps to drive them crazy…From direct experience, this drives me crazy too.

What’s that hissing noise?  I can hear my lovely Mother Doris downstairs, cracking open her second can of beer.  The time? It is now 7:45am.  God bless her.   Non dual duality? This is her path and my blessing.  So, I will go downstairs and put the previous nights’ empty cans in the recycle bin. I will offer her a cup of tea, and a boiled egg, she loves those, and make sure she is comfortable.  She might even like a shower, as she was tickled pink the other day when I helped her in to wash her feet, she giggled as she told me that, “She felt like Jesus,” as I was soaping her feet.

If we’re lucky too, we might grab a bit of fresh air and go around the block for some much needed scooter training. She still hasn’t mastered the right from the left or the snail or hare settings yet! This one time in boot camp I took her into town on it, with my nephews, and she crashed into a full display of shoe boxes, clipping our Scott’s leg as they all came tumbling down on top of us! She found this hysterical! You should have seen the shop lady’s face! She is such a mischievous bunny!

Later on, I will, yet again, speak with her professional team and my sisters. I will not judge, I will accept and I will practice self-loving action, moment by moment. Why?

Because I Love… BEing the BEST version of ourselves in the moment.

Thank you my lovely Mother Doris. Did I tell you enough that I LOVED YOU? No I didn’t.

I MISS you every day my darling Mum.

I am so blessed to say that you are mine.



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