What no one tells you about the Comfort Zone

You’ve heard of the Comfort Zone?

It’s a place we feel comfortable.
We have a Comfort Zone in everything-food, tasks, driving routes, and especially: the people we associate with.
A few months ago, I went had dinner with an old friend.

“Mark, how are you?” I asked. “Actually, I’m terrible,” he replied.

I was really surprised. “What happened to you?”

“After a traumatic divorce. Not only have I lost the person I love most, but I don’t have a support system now.”

Then Mark brought up the Comfort Zone. His theory?

“We find one person who knows all our insecurities. That person becomes our Comfort Zone, so we spend 92% of our time with that person. We don’t challenge ourselves to hang with new people or do new things.”

Sound familiar?

The Comfort Zone simplifies life.
You don’t need to exert effort or thought when you’re inside it.
Problem is, the Comfort Zone becomes a habit. It seduces us because we start to confuse comfort with happiness.
The moment this happens we stop challenging ourselves.
Of course the Comfort Zone saps our confidence, because we’re not evolving ourselves.
We’re basically coping with life.

How do you know the Comfort Zone is getting you?
There are four signs.

One is boredom. Your life feels repetitious and without novelty.

Another is restlessness. You wonder, “What’s it all mean?”

A third is underachievement. There’s a niggling feeling in the back of your mind that you were meant for more.

A final one is inertia. When you think about moving outside the comfort zone, it feels exhausting.

The good news is that there are three steps for moving yourself out of the Comfort Zone fast.

The first is obvious. You DECIDE to act.

You decide to do the one thing that will give you the most momentum on your goals today.

Deciding is huge. In the words Walt Disney, ‘All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.’

The second step is activating the burning desire inside of you to be more. To do this, I suggest you tap into your pride.

The third step is take control, using my LiveHappy™ Six Simple Steps to Happiness mini course.

This program gives you the power to take action on your dreams and believe in your integral worth despite challenges.

When you gain the Courage to Win, here’s what you can expect:

You will be able to celebrate your life

You will be able to feel into your body and reconnect

You will have an abundance of energy like never before

Improved knowledge of your own unique nutritional needs

Empowerment to help others

Greater confidence when engaging with others

More compassion for yourself and others

Improved relationships in all areas of your life

Having confidence to set your own boundaries and say no to things

Improved lifestyle choices in all areas

An ending to addictive and distractive behaviours controlling your life

You will have a career that is fuelled by passion

Confidence to take a leap of faith into the career you deserve

Money will become your friend

Renewed fire and passion for adventure in your life

Also, you will have more confidence to implement movement and mindfulness into your daily life. ​


Check it out here:


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