Things Your GP Doesn’t Tell You

Consider these statistics for a moment:

In 2012 the US public spent $1,526,228,000 on Abilify, more than any other antipsychotic in the US. The new generation of antipsychotics such as Abilify, Risperdal, Zyprexa or Sequel are top selling drugs in the US.

Number three? Cymbalta, an anti depressant that sold over a billion dollar’s worth of pills, even though it has never been shown to be superior to Prozac.

Let that sink in for a minute.

What’s more, Medicaid, the government health aid for the poor, spends more on antipsychotics than any other class of drugs. In 2008, it funded $3.6 billion for antipsychotic medication. Shockingly, half a million children currently take antipsychotic medication in the US.  For young people under the age of twenty the number is constantly increasing.

Meanwhile in the UK, I Googled annual data from NHS Digital that showed in 2016, NHS Prescriptions in England was 64.7m for antidepressant items. That was 3.7m more than the 61m items dispensed during 2015.

It also represents a massive 108.5% increase on the 31m antidepressants which pharmacies dispensed in 2006.

Of course they seem to make people more manageable and less aggressive, but they also interfere with motivation and creativity which is fundamental for well balanced, contributing members of society.

Furthermore, try to find any research on alternative, holistic studies, and that is like finding hens teeth.

Over the years, antipsychotics have become a norm in our culture but if they are so beneficial and effective as we are led to believe, why is depression not a minor issue in our society?

Yes, I get that anti depressants can make the difference between day to day functioning. If it comes to a choice of taking a sleeping pill or drinking yourself into a stupor at night to get a few hours sleep to numb out the pain, I know which I’d prefer, having tried both.

Yet for those trying to sweat it out in a yoga class, without guidance, or trying out any other workout routine, solo motivation can be tough. As is the minefield of self care and loving daily rituals and practices to choose from, to develop and sustain growth mindset, resilience, balance and flow.

You certainly can’t paint people with the same brush!

What is evident is that mainstream medicine is committed to healing through chemistry, the fact that we can change our own physiology and inner sanctum by means other than drugs, is barely considered.

In the West healing is defined by chemistry and talking therapy.  In the East, Mindfulness, movement, rhythm and action are used as helping techniques for trauma stored in the body.

For example, Yoga in India or Tai Chi in China, which leads me to share my own experience.


Several years ago, I could not articulate but I felt unbearable sensations in my body.  After actively trying numerous failed Western approaches, I took ownership of my healing and embarked on my journey around the world to reclaim my body mind and spirit.

At the time, I felt completely lost and lacking the right helping techniques under my belt for guidance.  I knew that I could not avoid these feelings deep inside of me that were making me feel so overwhelmed.

I did not want to feel like a patient to heal from my trauma to restore my autonomy. I wanted to be a participant in my healing process. I did not want to feel separate from my community, like an alien with ten heads. To feel a deep sense of self I wanted to belong somewhere, and for me, the holy city of Rishikesh in India to study Yoga and its Philosophy was an excellent first port of call.

My own process of transformation, gave me a new lens in which to view the world, taking my fragmented monkey mind energies and flipping my own light switch on 360 degrees for living, loving and healing in the present moment.  This is how I came to know and understand body awareness, which puts us in touch with our inner world.  Detailed and documented in my roller coaster of a ride of my coming home to me. Click link:

Coming Home With Gratitude

I used to be afraid of feeling! Now I shout! ‘Bring it on!’ Mindfully of course 😉

LiveHappily in your New Year.


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