Discover Change From the Inside Out and BE Your Future YOU

But don’t get in your own way!

That’s a fundamental prerequisite. Can you continue business as usual if you are feeling stuck, and sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Chances are, that what you think you know comes from your limited mind when actually, we have three integral all communicating brains to help us feel, act and be better.  Furthermore, when then body mind is in opposition (the thinking mind and feeling body) unwanted manifestations occur that have an undesired impact on your daily doings and way of being.

Are you sick of seeing life through the filter of the past?

Build yourself a firm foundation from which to navigate this thing called life, by owning up and asking yourself some honest questions. Can you recognise self limiting thoughts that make you react in predictable ways each day? Old circuits in the brain are hard wired. What do you think about the situations in your life? How do others see you? How do you act?

To live a happy life, your goal is to become aware of how you think and act and become aware of your behaviour.  Contemplate on this, every day for a week. Simply put, we are like computer programs in the sub conscious mind, set to copy and paste repetition mode. Furthermore, these things get hard wired until they become our personality, our temperament, the way we react, and our mood state. Whatever is keeping you from your future self, the self that you desire to be, the self you ‘see’ as your future you, certain feelings and physical sensations in the body will need to be un-memorised. That means, you will need to get so deeply connected to your body, really intimate with it, to unlearn the unlearnt and come to know, on a deeply compassionate level, that which has been holding you back and what fruits, or valuable life lessons or purpose does it truly serve?

Firstly, know fully who you do not want to be. Write a list about your old self then meditate on it. Here’s my honest example, about the things that I didn’t like about my old, former self:

  • Lazy/uninspired
  • Overweight/boozy
  • Self centred/thoughtless
  • Closed/poor communicator
  • Controlling

Please note, that I am not proud of these former functions of mine, but with awareness, have come to understand my why.  So, every time in the awaken state you catch yourself running on an old program, say, ‘Change’ out loud. This will help to re-wire new synaptic neural pathways in the brain. This technique will help you to bring into the conscious mind what you want to change, and what you are releasing in a way that is right for you. To reinforce further, each evening before bedtime ask yourself; what went well in the day time, what didn’t, and what would you change next time? Moreover, if you catch yourself slipping up. Don’t be hard on yourself, these helping techniques take daily practice until they becomes as automatic as making a cuppa. Repeat these steps at least for a month or until you stop noticing the thoughts processes involved in the doing.  Simple practices like the aforementioned, help develop presence and life as it is in every present moment. It will also help you to understand and make peace with your past, which will ultimately create the space for you to get your head above the clouds, step over thresholds and greet your future self, the person you dream about or seek to be, living a life of purpose and following your hearts desire.

So, make known the unknown, mentally rehearse and physically demonstrate who you are now and what have been through (meta cognition) and most importantly who you no longer want to be, by observing and reminding yourself about the old self and its unwanted bonds. Don’t try to run from it, be it. Maybe you have used everything in the external world to run away from it, from feelings and physical sensations in the body that you want to un-memorise? Or do you have an attachment to it, emotionally, and physically are you bound by the past? These are the masks of personality that we wear, the memory of self, as the body is re-experiencing the same experiences from the past.

Fortunately, when we get so deeply connected to our bodies and create awareness of our thinking minds too, the two can integrate in balance and allow us to live a happy life in a flow state, creating our life as a creator and not the environment creating our lives.

However, if you are unhappy being unhappy, that’s fine too.

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