Who Hasn’t Chased The Holy Grail of Happiness?

However, when happiness arrives it seems so fragile and easily lost.

Ancient knowledge implies that happiness can be self-generated. The feeling of calm can be created in any moment, even amidst rush hour traffic or between a heated discussion with a loved one, and that kindness for ourselves and others can be consistent no matter what life throws at us.

Moreover, many gurus on social media instigate that we should all be experiencing this innate joy and feeling of abundance with upmost celebration and in totality because we have everything in front of us that we ever will need in the right here and now! If this is so, then why do we often perceive a feeling of lacking?

It appears that this sense of ‘lack’ that we can sometimes feel in the present moment, can often reflect the care we received/perceived/downloaded into our memory file folder as a developing child, which gave us the imprint of ‘lacking’ in some way.  This may show up in the ‘how’ we do something for ourselves in the now.  With awareness, direct experience, knowledge, understanding and compassion, we can address any sense of lack by discovering new ways or helping techniques to nourish and nurture ourselves fully and truly.  Drawing from my own experiences, it is not so much in the why but in the what we can do, that matters.

My LiveHappy ‘6 Simple Steps to a Happier You’ mini course will help you feel more contented and present in life, the steps within hold the keys to changing old predictable patterns of unwanted behaviours into new possibilities and new ways of living from your very own authentic, heart based self. My life changing insights will help you to improve your relationships, be better parents, improve your leadership skills and take ownership of your life to lead happier, and more fulfilled days. Read more:

Coaching YOU

Discover how to rethink challenges, think opportunities, rethink problems, and think solutions.

Come to understand how the monkey mind loves to self sabotage any positive thoughts and patterns of thinking, and explore simple practices which sustain positive living.  Ultimately,  you cannot just read about them, you have to embody them. As human beings and deeply feeling creatures we learn best from direct experience.

Are you are curious to know my musings on how this thing called life really works? Or how I came to know and understand what I do know now, now, now, now, now now, now, now, now, now, and now, for this is the only place of our true power-detailed and documented in my juicy book:

Coming Home With Gratitude

In a demanding, fast paced world, finding peace and authentic happiness can seem overwhelming. Learn simple helping techniques for your very own self care toolbox that can be applied during any time of the day or night to help build, sustain, and maintain resilience, coherence, balance and flow. For without inner peace, outer peace and happiness is out of the question.

Unsure, if this is for you? Please do contact me via email for a chat or a taster session.


Sarah X



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