How To Tell If You Are Happy.

Anything unresolved within our energy field will keep manifesting itself in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life until we heal it. There is no escaping this.
Are you in tune with and connected to yourself? Try these simple heart-based 💙 questions to find out.
Your time starts now:

1. Did you exercise this morning? As simple as breathing, or walking? With full awareness? 
2. While taking the bath/shower did/do you thank water for washing your dirt or sweat? Probably not the reason we take everything for granted as water will flow the moment we open the tap.
3. Did you worship to GOD you believe in? You (always) ask or thank GOD!
4. Was it easy to decide on what to wear for work or school?
5. Did you smile at strangers or colleagues?
6. Was your Office Desk clean or your surroundings clean? If not did you complain or make an effort to make it clean?
7. Did your work or you helping someone made a difference in the work?
8. How was your 3 O’clock coffee or Tea? Did you take some snack or dark chocolate with it?
9. How does your checklist you prepared in the morning look? Is it 100% checked or 80% or 20%?
10. Did you call your family to check if they want something on your way home?
11. Where your family or pet ( if you have one) excited to see you when you reached home?
12. Did you shut down the excitement of your kids when they wanted to do something mischievous?
13. Did you read something new today?
14. Did you journal for the day?

Keep asking questions, smiling and if you answered YES to all….you are living a very happy, present life.

Well done.



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