About Me

Over the years, I have liaised with many well-intentioned professionals to support anxiety, depression, binge eating, alcoholism, prescription drugs, suicide and deep psychosis. Yet, these aren’t the kind of things that people just ‘get over.’

Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth right now.  A few years ago, I experienced a deep, understanding of life that changed everything for me.

This profound and transformational experience is the basis of everything that I teach and write about today. It is the foundation of how I guide others to live a happier life by  following 6 simple steps.
For me, true wisdom is shifting a crisis into a blessing.

In a nutshell

By working closely together, we reveal your gold hidden in life’s challenges, we come to understand Limiting Beliefs, the importance of communication and ownership of what you are projecting onto the world that holds you back. We discuss empowering techniques to choose nourishing foods, improve sleep, move better, be emotionally intelligent, and feel less distracted.

To essentially, come out of the head of thinking and doing and shift into the heart space of feeling and being.brain-2146157_640

It is evident that our world is becoming a nation of addicts; addicted to work, mobile phones, social media, 24/7-entertainment, Netflix binges, sugar, wheat, extreme exercise and stress. These are very common addictions which have developed in the last few years alone.
In particular, extreme exercise has left many people feeling more stressed than ever and has definitely left many with some chronic injuries. By the way, another growth sector is in the specialist rehab market, so no surprises there.

Living in the 21st Century is no easy task.  Consider the many hats of responsibility we unassumingly wear, and in a predominantly masculine, ‘in the head’ energy field as well? No wonder we can feel as though happiness is sucking the life out of us!  Which cathartically happened to me, before I learnt how to flip my own light switch on 360 degrees.

Sarah uses a targeted approach to address certain needs, but is very intuitive and will fine tune and add on as required. Everything is tied together beautifully to reiterate learning outcomes and future goals. I now have a valuable knowledge base to put new methods into practice in my everyday life, from yoga and meditation, diet/diet related issues, how to recognise negative thought processes and behaviour patterns, and how and why we communicate with others and the effect this has. I would highly recommend this as a fantastic opportunity for a journey of self awareness, discovery and growth, that will progress and deepen in the months following. I would love to do this again.

Allison Cunningham. NHS Senior Health Visitor, Manchester.

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