What no one tells you about the Comfort Zone

You've heard of the Comfort Zone? It's a place we feel comfortable. We have a Comfort Zone in everything-food, tasks, driving routes, and especially: the people we associate with. A few months ago, I went had dinner with an old friend. "Mark, how are you?" I asked. "Actually, I'm terrible," he replied. I was really … Continue reading What no one tells you about the Comfort Zone

Self-Loving Action is The Work

To cultivate self-loving action is certainly a challenge on every level, seemingly more so whilst, ‘Awake.’ So tell me more Mooji Baba, explain to me some more Adyashanti and show me Abraham, how to express myself fully, wide open, from this place utilising these mystical teachings you share?  Any spiritual seeker knows that behind the … Continue reading Self-Loving Action is The Work

The Rock-Star, Guru Healer

Beloved sisters are you honouring your sacred sanctuary? Your church? Your beautiful yoni? Your flower? Your unique essence? Yes, we are inter connected by our sameness but also very separate, housed in single and complete gorgeousness vessels, and with very different conditioning, patterns, projections and stories. But, do not be foolish into your sharing your … Continue reading The Rock-Star, Guru Healer