How Mindfulness Can Inspire Your Christmas

Happiness and suffering are 'inter-are,' A lotus flower cannot bloom without dirt, Meditation is simply living in the here and now, For that is all there is, Unless tangled up in the matrix, In the ego, monkey mind, personality form of I, Where is we? Deeply listening develops a compassionate heart, which helps to heal… Continue reading How Mindfulness Can Inspire Your Christmas

What no one tells you about the Comfort Zone

You've heard of the Comfort Zone? It's a place we feel comfortable. We have a Comfort Zone in everything-food, tasks, driving routes, and especially: the people we associate with. A few months ago, I went had dinner with an old friend. "Mark, how are you?" I asked. "Actually, I'm terrible," he replied. I was really… Continue reading What no one tells you about the Comfort Zone